6 Great Health Benefits Of Going On Holiday

Given the chance, many people would welcome the opportunity to take off to sunnier climes and spend time laying on the beach sipping cocktails for as long as possible. Unfortunately for most of us however, there are bills to be paid, projects to complete and retirement to save for and these force us to keep our noses to the grindstone whether we like it or not.

Thankfully, many employers allow workers to take vacation time and this is the perfect time to drive, fly and sail away to your favorite destination for some well earned R & R. On top of giving you a much needed break from the daily grind, going on holiday has the following physical health benefits to offer:

1. Lower blood pressure

The 9 to 5 routine and associated pressure to meet work targets and deal with office politics causes many people’s stress levels and subsequently blood pressure to rise. Taking a break from the constant pressure to perform as well as having limited or no exposure to people who make your life difficult at the office causes you to relax more, lowers stress levels and helps to bring down your blood pressure.

2. Better nutrition

Many holiday spots offer high quality and nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables and lean meats to their customers. Some hotels and spas even have packages to help you detoxify through the use of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, which allows your body to get nutrients in concentrated form.
Holidaymakers often find that they are much healthier after holidays to certain places such as the tropics and Mediterranean regions where the daily menu emphasizes the use of fresh produce, healthy oils such as olive and coconut and lean protein such as chicken, fish and other seafood.

3. Improved immunity

Access to adequate amounts of sunlight on holiday, getting enough sleep as well as consuming salads, fresh juices and quality protein available at most hotels and holiday spots means allows your body to get enough nutrients such as Vitamin C and A which help to fight disease and keep your immune system in tip top condition.


4. Weight loss

Getting away from your desk job and taking a break from the Standard American Diet (SAD) by consuming healthy salads and other healthy meals provided on hotel menus is a sure way to shed some pounds while you are on holiday.
In addition, if you choose to visit a holiday spot that offers sporting activities such as golf, dance, horse riding and other vigorous physical activities, you are likely to lose even more weight and find yourself much lighter on your return home.

5. Greater energy

The holidays are a great time to catch up on much needed sleep. With many people having to report early to work and spending hours commuting, most workers find that they are exhausted most of the time which compromises the quality of their work.
Being on holiday allows you to get as much sleep as you need to regenerate tired and worn out muscles as well as recharge your brain so that you are much more effective when you get back to work.

6. Stress relief

Going on holiday allows your body and mind to go into relaxation mode which in turn helps to bring down stress levels and the physical complications such as blood pressure, heart disease and even the risk for diabetes associated with elevated stress.
Many people do not need extra reasons to convince them to go on holiday. Any of us would be grateful for the chance to get away whenever we can. However, knowing that there are health benefits to gain in addition to having a great time and spending time with loved ones makes spending time away even more special.


Weight loss

Why holidays are good for you

4 reasons why taking a holiday is good for your mental health

Holidays are important for many reasons however; many people neglect to take the time out they need mentally or physically to ensure their continued health and happiness.

Working 365 days a year or near to 365 days a year (6 days a week) is not only crazy but also bad for the mind and body.

The mind needs a variety of stimuli and if you spend the majority of the time working in your job you minimise brain functionality, that is some parts of your brain will “fall asleep”. A variety of tasks, hobbies and changes in your life will ensure your brain gets the exercise it needs to keep working the way it should.

After a holiday you feel renewed and your attitude is more relaxed and receptive for what is to come. Most of all even if you don’t think you are stressed every day events do stress the mind and body. Holidays ensure these stresses are released and well-being is rejuvenated.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should take a holiday and why sunshine is an important part of your holiday.



Whenever you take a holiday you will find that you will move your body and exercise in different ways. If you are in a job where you sit all day this will be refreshing and regenerating. If you are in a manual labour job you will find that you will be moving your body in ways you don’t when working.

Exercise not only is good for the body but it is good for the mind as different chemicals are stimulated during and after the exercise. Your exercise need only be simply going for walks of which most of us do plenty of when holidaying without even realising.

If you normally suffer form aches and pains you may find that a holiday will minimise these. Holidays usually mean a change of scenery and a shift in mental focus. It also means more or different exercise to what you normally do.

It does not mean any physical problems you have necessarily go away but means mentally you do not focus on them and therefore allows you mind to subliminally repair your body whilst you are focussing elsewhere.

More sunshine:

Most of us will holiday in places where there is sunshine. Even if you go skiing you will get plenty of sunshine. The sun is very important for mental and physical well-being. The body requires the sun for the production of vitamin D whilst mentally the sun just makes us feel happy and alive. If you normally work indoors or in an artificially lit office choosing holidays where you will get plenty of sun is important.

Better sleep:

There is no doubt that many of us are sleep deprived. When on holidays you have the opportunity to get more sleep or more quality sleep by leaving the stresses of your everyday life behind. This will rejuvenate your mind and body leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

Spend quality time with the family:

With parents working family life can be fragmented. Children may hardly ever have time with Mum and Dad at the same time. A holiday allows for the whole family to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company while recharging the batteries.